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Customized technology solutions for organizations owned and led by
Indigenous Peoples and other unique groups.

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We believe that positive social change will result from the thoughtful integration of technology.


Our team of conscious entrepreneurs, Indigenous Peoples, and under-represented voices have come together to help like minds harness the power of technology. Through customized technology solutions we help our clients achieve data sovereignty; optimize their processes and operations; build communities; and empower others. The combination of our professional pedigree and lived experiences make us the perfect partner for unique groups across Canada who want to be seen, supported, and successful.


To develop and maintain a values-driven data platform and related software that can be used to enable and assist communities with social, cultural, environmental, health, and economic development problem-solving.

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Custom Website


Hydrathletics is not a huge national corporation with name brand recognition, nor is it a service - aquatic therapy - that is especially well known or understood. And while their website existed, it wasn’t particularly compelling, and it didn’t reflect the brand personality they were cultivating. It was out-of-date with a clunky user interface and experience. They approached Akawe with a website wishlist and limited budget. Working with them, we were able to transform it into a dynamic portal for a dynamic and growing business. Boxes checked and on budget.



Akawe Telemedicine Solution

Not everyone lives in a big city or town with resident healthcare practitioners. Not everyone is physically able to get themselves to a doctor’s office or clinic. Not everyone can handle the stimuli that come with going outside, dealing with people, traffic, or public transit. But everyone gets sick or needs medical advice from time to time. The Akawe telemedicine platform is helping to remotely connect healthcare practitioners and patients regardless of their location or circumstances.


Akawe was the perfect partner for our development needs. They took the designs we had created with a third party partner and built exactly what we had envisioned. Their willingness to work with us as well as our designer made for a smooth and efficient process. And from a hosting perspective – Akawe is simply the best! We never have to worry about our website going down or getting hacked. One less thing for me to worry about!



Technology Made Authentic

Our team of industry-leading technology experts is waiting to hear from you. Let us help you tell your story, build your business, and optimize your operations. It all starts with a conversation.

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