Akawe Telemedicine Solution


Akawe Telemedicine Solution


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Akawe Telemedicine Solution

Reaching Patients Near and Far

Technology is connecting us like never before.

Phone calls, email, live streaming, text messages, video conferences, instant messaging apps, and social media make it quick and easy to reach someone down the street or across the globe.

We can keep in touch with friends and family, participate in a job interview, attend a class, give a lecture, share a special announcement or event, and much, much more regardless of location.

That technology takes many forms and serves many functions: informal, professional, formal, personal, silly, serious, and so on.

But that’s not all. Modern communication tech has the ability to literally improve the quality of life for millions.

Take education, for example. Online portals and video conferencing allow students to receive a top-notch education regardless of whether their personal circumstances or location prevents them from physically attending a class.

That’s life-changing for people living in isolated communities or those with special physical or mental needs that make going to school impossible.

Likewise, the healthcare industry is increasingly turning to technology to bring proper medical and health services to everyone.

At Akawe, we love applying digital solutions to analog problems like this. Should proximity to a doctor or specialist determine whether someone gets the care they need? Of course not.

And with the Akawe telemedicine platform, it never needs to again.

The Challenge

Not everyone lives in a big city or town with resident healthcare practitioners. Not everyone is physically able to get themselves to a doctor’s office or clinic. Not everyone can handle the stimuli that come with going outside, dealing with people, traffic, or public transit. Not everyone has the luxury of time off for medical reasons.

But everyone gets sick or injured. Everyone needs professional help or advice from time to time.

Enter the Akawe Telemedicine platform.

The Solution

Our vision and mission

We bring ideas to life through technology. It’s what we do.

With our telemedicine solution, we’re able to offer our healthcare clients a convenient and secure way to connect with their patients wherever they are.

Built to their specifications and branded with their logo, it’s a turn-key answer for how to reach more people and lower overall costs.

Akawe Telemedicine

Akawe Telemedicine Solution

Our fully customizable platform provides:

  • Online scheduling from either the patient or healthcare professional
  • Secure video calls for private, face-to-face interaction in real-time with high definition audio and video
  • Recorded content – video, notes, and educational resources – automatically uploaded to the patient portal for anywhere accessibility
  • Patient data collection and activity tracking
  • Complete electronic medical records
  • Integration 100% HIPPA compliant

Best of all, the platform works browser-to-browser, so there’s no additional software that needs to be downloaded and installed.


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The Results

Practitioners can assist anyone regardless of their location or circumstances. And in an industry where up to 75% of in-office visits could be handled remotely, it allows for more people to be seen and helped.

Healthcare is a basic right, and Akawe is proud to play a small role in making that happen.

Could a telemedicine solution help you and your patients? Have a niche idea for telemedicine? Curious to learn more?

Contact Akawe and schedule your personal demo today.

Patients and/or healthcare professional make an appointment via the system, they connect online at the touch of a button, the consultation takes place in real-time, and the recorded session, accompanying notes, and suggested resources are made available remotely via the patient portal.


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