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A Website That Works Wonders

It’s 2020. The debate over whether your business needs a website and social media presence is over.

You do.

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur, healthcare agency, startup, not-for-profit organization, SMB, or otherwise, people expect to find you online in some capacity.

But not any old presence will do. Most users stay on a website for no more than 15 seconds unless they immediately find what they’re looking for or something grabs their attention.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen as often as it should, and they bounce for any number of reasons:

  • The site is too slow,
  • Too much text and not enough visuals,
  • They can’t find what they expected or want,
  • The site is unusable, clunky, or glitchy,
  • Poor user interface,
  • Confusing layout,
  • Poor design,
  • Use of autoplay for audio and/or video,
  • Bad user experience,
  • The site makes them work too hard,
  • And much, much more

There are somewhere around 1.8 billion websites online, with an average of 380 new ones added every second. If your website falls short for any reason, your target customer has already moved on to the next one. That’s the harsh reality.

That’s bad news for business, of course, but it’s equally terrible for not-for-profit organizations trying to spread awareness of an issue or work with at-risk communities.

And that’s precisely why Eshkiniigjik Naandwechigegamig, Aabish Gaa Binjibaaying (ENAGB) contacted Akawe.


The Challenge

ENAGB is a not-for-profit youth agency with programs geared at helping Indigenous youth and caretakers become productive members of society while simultaneously preserving Indigenous culture.

An important and worthy cause, but their existing website was not performing to its full potential and was in need of an update.

The old website suffered from both UX and UI issues, a layout that made visitors go looking for information, and a lack of details for the second of their two core programs.

Beyond that, there were no dedicated pages for any of their other campaigns, fundraising efforts, regular events, or training programs – these details were typically posted on their Facebook Page. While that’s not bad in and of itself, splitting crucial details between two online locations is an additional step that many web browsers simply will not take.

Their website existed, but it needed help.

ENAGB Website


With Akawe, help was on the way.

The existing site provided a strong foundation upon which to build. We were able to put our development expertise and keen understanding of what makes a website “work” to good use in collaboration with ENAGB.

We created a clear and simple navigation menu across the top of the homepage to ensure everything was convenient to find with minimal effort.

We added more photos to increase the visual appeal and to put a face to the work they do.

We designed dedicated pages for events, training, and more in a format that ENAGB staff could update themselves. This essentially eliminated the need to straddle both the obsolete website and Facebook to stay informed, turning the new site into a one-stop address for everything related to ENAGB.

We crafted straightforward and visible calls-to-action for two of their most important needs – volunteers and donations – and we strategically placed them on multiple pages of the website.

And perhaps most importantly for this non-profit, we were able to limit the overall cost by utilizing a theme approach instead of completely customized designs.


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Maintenance & Support

The Results

A clean, modern website with an easy to navigate user experience. A portal for ENAGB to keep their members, volunteers, and donors informed about everything in one convenient place. Prominent calls-to-action to assist in funding and staffing their operation.


All at a price that worked for them. At Akawe, we can work within your budget while still delivering an exceptional finished product. We were happy to do it for ENAGB and their mission to improve the lives of the indigenous community.


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