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Quick question: what do you do when you’re in the market for a new product or service?

If you’re like 87% of consumers, you start online, heading over to an E-commerce giant like Amazon or a search engine like Google to find whatever it is you need.

Regardless of your industry or size, your digital presence is key to generating leads, landing new customers or clients, and growing. And that starts with your website. Yes, social media is important, and you should be active on whatever platforms are popular with your target markets, but those channels should ultimately drive them to your website.

It’s your digital calling card to the world. An introduction to you and your products or services.

A company website and search engine optimization to help it rank well for relevant search queries should be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Should be.

Surprisingly, only 50% of SMBs have a website, despite the fact that 70-80% of consumers will research a business online before visiting in real life.

So let’s just state the obvious: you need a website.

Hydrathletics knew that.

Founded in Kingston by Joe Stilwell in 2012, Hydrathletics provides aquatic therapy and sports training with specialized services that include physical and massage therapy, motor vehicle accidents recovery, and return-to-sports training after an injury. They opened a second location in Ottawa in 2016, with a third set for Toronto in the near future.

Joe had a website, but as you’ve heard us say many times before, just “having” one is not enough.


The Challenge

Hydrathletics is not a huge national corporation with name brand recognition, nor is it a service – aquatic therapy – that is especially well known or understood.

As such, Joe recognized he’d need an informative website to educate and capture leads when they went searching for physical rehabilitation solutions.

But while the website existed, it wasn’t particularly compelling, and it didn’t reflect the brand personality Joe was cultivating. It was quickly out-of-date with a clunky user interface and experience.

A bad website is in many ways worse than no website at all: 38% of visitors will leave if it suffers from poor design or layout. What’s worse, those individuals will actively endorse against your business should anyone ever ask them for a recommendation.

So to be more specific, you need a modern, sleek, and engaging website that accurately reflects your brand personality.

Their website needed to educate on aquatic therapy, highlight their multidisciplinary approach while promoting their core services, and possess a layout conducive to showcasing multiple locations, staff, and anticipated growth.

Akawe was thrilled to help check those boxes.



Hydrathletics came to us with a plan. Utilizing their-in house marketing expertise and a web designer they had worked with in the past (and loved!), they arrived at our first meeting with a full set of web designs that needed to be brought to life.

Their priorities were user experience and engagement and affordability. By designing the website themselves, they reduced the costs of development (we never charge for work you don’t need!). We took it one step further: we included functionality that would enable the Hydrathletics marketing team to update and manage the website themselves moving forward. Why? To save that hourly fee for developer work every time a tweak or change is required.

Akawe development work included a new header video loop on the homepage to show their innovative pools and underwater treadmills in action, and large image tiles for each of their core services.

We created separate pages for each location, and the ability to quickly edit those pages – including photos and bios of staff – and add new ones as Hydrathletics continues to grow and expand. And speaking of growth, Akawe implemented a bold, colourful “Join Our Team” sidebar widget to highlight career opportunities with the company.






Maintenance & Support

The Results

In essence, the Hydrathletics site was transformed from outdated and clunky to modern, sleek, and captivating.

The new site is bright, compelling, and captures the Hydrathletics brand in a way the old site did not.

Enhanced UI/UX? Check. Accurate reflection of the company? Check. Focus on core services? Check. Spotlight on growth and sense of community? Check.

That’s a website done right. Hydrathletics came to us with a clear vision, a full set of web designs, and a functionality wishlist. As a small business, they also came to us with a limited budget. Through close collaboration, we were able to make it all a reality and within their means.

We were happy to do it for them, and we’d love to do it for you.

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Each page relies heavily on visuals over text, with photos and videos of real clients and real staff. It’s professional while also demonstrating the friendliness and personalized attention you can only get from a small(er) brand as it grows.


Akawe was the perfect partner for our development needs. They took the designs we had created with a third party partner and built exactly what we had envisioned. Their willingness to work with us as well as our designer made for a smooth and efficient process. And from a hosting perspective – Akawe is simply the best! We never have to worry about our website going down or getting hacked. One less thing for me to worry about!

Joseph Stilwell



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