Can lean software development give you better results? Just as with lean manufacturing, lean software development is a process management philosophy based on 7 principles that allow agile, efficient product development.

  • Eliminate Waste
  • Build Quality In
  • Create Knowledge
  • Defer Commitment
  • Deliver Fast
  • Respect People
  • Optimize The Whole

The end result is a better process, one that is fast and efficient, but how does following these principles lead to a better product? Akawe Technologies utilizes a lean process for an efficient development process, deferring non-critical pieces to minimize your development risk and maintain a tight, capable team to ensure the quality of your product.

5 Ways Lean Software Development Leads to a Better Product

  1. Minimize your early investment and save your money for development that responds to consumer feedback. Lean development allows the smart allocation of resources, including financial investment. With the lean philosophy, you invest enough to create a minimum viable product, one with only necessary features to test implementation. How does less create more? By starting with a basic product, you can test your market early and for the lowest investment. How do your customers use your product? What are the problems? Have customers confirmed your assumptions about the need for this product and its potential market or do you need to reconsider your assumptions? Start with a lean product, developed with a consultative critical eye to absolute needs, to test your product and your market, leaving enough money to invest in educated improvements.
  2. Launch fast and test to capture market share and improve your product. Eliminate waste to save time as well as money. A good development team with a strong collaborative approach helps you define your project and plan for multi-step implementation. Discover early on what’s important and what isn’t so you can focus on the critical elements of your project. By establishing your development needs and a clear lean process from the outset, you’ll minimize your development time as well as your investment. Create your minimum viable product as your first step to get your product to market quickly, bringing in revenue while you assess it’s market viability and customer response. Additionally, you’ll reduce the chance of another entrepreneur beating you to market.
  3. Reduce the number of people and steps to get your product to market. Companies often err on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on branding before ensuring their product works. Take the lean approach. Bring your product to market with an iOS developer, UI/UX developer, and project manager creating your minimum viable project. You don’t need a huge marketing team and strategists at this point. They won’t make your product better. Focusing on developing your product in the right stages with good client feedback gives you the best path to developing a quality product. Early adopters understand they’re getting the first iteration of a product. Spend your money and time focused on the product, and save the marketing budget for when you know the product is right.
  4. Collaborate to create knowledge and achieve the best product offering, something greater than the sum of the parts. By sharing knowledge across the board and being open to cross-learning, you gain additional perspective that directly translates into a better, more efficient development process and an enhanced product. Look for those pivot points that adjust and enhance your product, making agile changes in your plan to drive the best product.
  5. Pursue a development process that optimizes the whole project, providing additional value. Find out if there’s a failure point before you get too invested. Test early to find the imperfections, adjust, and get it right the first time. Collaboration, properly-staged development, and early product testing are all key to optimization. Rather than blindly creating products that may not work, a deliberate, but lean process focused on early results keeps your eye on a result that provides value. These steps ensure you build quality in. By getting to market early and letting early adopters test the first iteration of your product, future iterations will be more successful, and your money better invested in established needs rather than suspected needs.

We’re always available to consult on your product. Call for a conversation about Akawe Technologies’ lean software development process to drive your best product to market quickly and with minimal investment. Focus on the key pieces and collaboration to create your best result.