A proven process designed to help organizations owned by Indigenous Peoples, women, racial minorities, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ2+ community thrive through technology.

Our Process
Our Process

Deep Dive Discovery

We start here together. We listen and learn. Our process helps us peel back the layers of your unique group to truly understand who your organization is, what you stand for, and exactly where you want to go.
In this phase our focus is on:

  • Articulating Your Goals
  • Prioritizing Your Priorities
  • Identifying Your Target Audiences
  • Understanding Your Data Needs & Requirements
  • Pinpoint Your Pain Points
  • Funding Opportunities and Cost Considerations

Then it’s time to plan.

Plan and Budget

Strategic Plan & Budgeting

Akawe’s professional experience working in technology, consulting, and business operations, paired with our lived experience as members of under-represented groups, enables us to create unique technology-driven solutions.

Our proven planning process results in wise, innovative, and practical technology solutions that help you achieve your goals. In this step, we bring your idea to life, showing you:

  • How strategic imperatives will be translated with technology
  • How the solution achieves your goals and desired outcomes
  • How your data is to be managed, stored, and accessed
  • How the solution will look, feel, and work online
  • What the required investment will be

Knowledge is power. Now that you
know, let’s go!

Our Process


Layer by layer, we breathe life into your technology solution. In this step, we add design to your wireframes and copywriting to your story. Whether it’s a website, prototype, or app interface, seeing is believing.

Drink it in. Your solution is waking up
and wants to dance!

Our Process


Here, the back end is built; the coders’ code. Functionality, security, data capture, browser and device optimization, integrations, line-by-line your solution is developed. 

Our developers utilize their expertise in the following technologies to handcraft your solution:

  • Enterprise Frameworks

    Yii, Symphony, Laravel, and Drupal

  • .Net Platforms

    Dnn, mbraco, and Nopcommerce

  • Content Management Systems

    WordPress, Drupal, Hubspot, and both Design and Inbound certified

  • eCommerce Platforms

    Magento, Joomla, and WooCommerce

  • Databases

    MySQL, MongoDB, and MS SQL Server

  • Frontend Technologies

    HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Foundation

  • Javascript Technologies

    Node JS, Express JS, Meteor JS, React JS, Vue JS, Angular JS, and JQuery

  • Blockchain Technologies

    Hyperledger Fabric, Cryptography, EOS, Etherium

  • Mobile Technologies

    Android, iOS, and Windows

  • Custom Enterprise Solutions

    LMS, Calendaring, Events, CRM, Compliant Health Care, Tele-Health, and WebRTC (Peer to Peer real-time communications)

Why stop there?

Our Process

Ongoing Support

With your solution now up and running, we can help you with hosting, maintenance, and marketing services to ensure it remains a living, breathing component of your organization’s strategic operations.

Try out our proven process. It allows us to be organized and expeditious without losing what makes you — and Akawe — unique.

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