Indigenous Consulting

Do you need help developing your business strategy?

Are you looking to grow and scale quickly?

Could you benefit from experienced entrepreneurs who understand your journey as an Indigenous Person?

Akawe Technologies is proud to offer
relationship-centric consulting services for
Indigenous-owned businesses. Our consultants
take the time to listen and learn about your
operations, unique experiences, and desired
outcomes. Our strategic advice is practical and
proven to help Indigenous-owned organizations of
all shapes and sizes navigate and thrive in Canada’s
rapidly changing business environment.

Indigenous Consulting

Wisdom, Truth,

Straddling two worlds—that of the Indigenous lens and the technology expert—we know how to get straight to the heart of your organization’s most critical issues. We help you diagnose, dismantle, and rebuild the sticky parts of your growing business. We help you strategize, optimize, and create value without losing focus on what you do best.

Our goal: to help you
achieve your goals.

To that end, we employ only experienced consultants with direct experience working in the technology space, scaling businesses, and developing productive workplace cultures.


How It Works

Akawe Technologies can provide the support you need to fuel
growth at any stage of your organization’s journey.

  • Strategy

  • Implementation

  • Project


Strategy is the key to success. For a unique group, off the shelf business strategies just won’t work – you know it and we know it. So, whether you’re looking to accelerate your time-to-market (TTM); need help managing change as you respond to new priorities and requirements; need to increase your team’s productivity and engagement; or are looking to enhance the quality of your product, service, or offering; that’s where we start—with a strategy.

Akawe can help you realize true transformation by assessing your organizational maturity, selecting the optimal tools, and developing, adopting, adapting, or scaling your business practices. Employing our proven process, we will draw insight from a variety of lenses: customers, processes, technology, information, structure, people, and culture. This process is driven by strategic foresight and thinking seven generations ahead.

Together we will develop a transformation roadmap designed to yield significant benefits for your organization. Our experienced consultants will help you bring your unique vision to life and develop an operating model that delivers on this strategy.

Indigenous Consulting


Once your transformational roadmap is in place, we must act. Akawe offers practical support to implement these optimization recommendations. All services are designed to produce real, meaningful change and rapid results while respecting the process and people involved. Implementation is always collaborative and multi-dimensional.

Akawe Technologies relies on adaptive value-driven approaches to deliver projects in an iterative, incremental, and interactive manner. Our deep industry and multi-functional experience mean we can help you solve the most complex business issues you’re facing.

Don’t delay. Don’t stop short. With the right partners – partners who understand Indigenous values and the challenges of owning, operating, and scaling an Indigenous and diverse business – change can be manageable, transformation attainable, and trust buildable.

Find Out For Yourself.

Project Management

Akawe Technologies’s agile project management team commonly works with organizations who find themselves on shifting sands. If your business is facing rapidly changing priorities and requirements, our project management services will help you get clear, get ready, and gain traction.

Indigenous Consulting

The future of Indigenous-led organizations in Canada is bright.

Let’s work together to build a community of successful, sovereign, and strategic
organizations – starting with yours.

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