Blockchain Services

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The digital future is here.

Blockchain technology may still sound far off and new fangled, but it’s not. It’s here and is being used right now by organizations big and small, from Manitoba to Manila.

Blockchain technology can add transparency, security, traceability, and efficiency to both your customer-facing and back end processes. It is a flexible, affordable, scalable solution that can automate processes, reduce redundancies, lower operating costs, and virtually eliminate opportunities for fraud and corruption.

Akawe can help you embrace the digital future now with thoughtful and strategic solutions that are custom-designed to meet your unique goals. We can help you understand the possibilities for you and your clients, including user assessment and readiness, and a strategic plan for marketing and adoption.


Is blockchain technology the boost your organization needs?

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Blockchain Experts At Your Service

Akawe’s global team of development talent includes blockchain developers and specialists who can design end-to-end customized solutions. Working with us means having access to a scalable team of skilled & experienced individuals, including:

  • Solution Architects
  • Blockchain Engineers
  • Full Stack Developers
  • Quality Assurance Analysts
  • Blockchain Node Infrastructure Managers
  • Data Scientists
  • Project Managers
Blockchain Services

Our software engineers leverage their deep knowledge of web, database, and distributed systems development to design blockchain protocols, plan for adversarial incentives, and test assumptions. Expanding on that foundation, they create immutable, provable, auditable ledgers, which are the building blocks of all blockchain solutions.

  • Interoperability
  • Distributed Service Delivery
  • Regulated Blockchain Protocols
  • Management, Compliance, and Auditing

Our Blockchain Roadmap

The Akawe team is here to bring your vision to fruition. We begin by developing an understanding of where you are, where you’re looking to go, and who’s coming along for the journey. These strategic building blocks are the lifeblood of our specialized process for working with diverse, and often under-represented, groups. Our roadmap helps us understand you and your unique journey. We know that your blockchain solution is about more than technology, it’s about providing engaging experiences and thoughtful solutions.

We work with you from initial idea through solution architecture; prototype development; MVP; alpha and beta phases; and finally your product launch. Our tried and true roadmap ensures that your audience’s needs and your organization’s unique perspectives are kept at the forefront of development. Let’s work together to develop a digital destination that delivers value, respects your target audiences, and honours your unique perspective.

Blockchain Services

Our blockchain project management
process includes:

  • Full DevOps
  • Slack, Teamwork, Gitlab
  • Multiple hosting providers/block testnet/server infrastructure (for testing, staging, and production)
  • Program stack consulting (MEAN, .NET, LAMP, etc.)
  • NDA for Akawe to set up and manage the gitlab or github code

Whether you’re a startup, government agency, large organization, or small charity, if you’re looking to build a blockchain enterprise system, we can help.

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