Bring Together, Build Up, Reach Out – Discover the Power of a Good Website

Your organization’s website is more than a calling card, more than an online billboard, and more than a digital domain; it’s an extension of your people, your vision, your purpose and values. Your website is an extension of YOU and it’s your opportunity to build new relationships in new ways with the people you most want to reach. 

Your website must bring together the thoughts, ideas, and data that make your company, organization, or group YOU.


That’s where we come in.

Akawe Technologies develops smart, sophisticated websites that look great and perform even better. We bring a unique understanding of how websites can reflect diverse groups in an inclusive manner and help organizations like yours extend their digital reach with optimized websites that deliver results.



Because you need a website and deserve one that is as thoughtful, purposeful, and effective as you are.

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Why Websites? Why

Akawe is set to link diverse, and often under-represented, groups to a whole new digital ecosystem of Web 2.0 – The Digital Red Road will offer a unique entry point for you or an additional entry point to your outreach.

Whether starting from scratch, struggling with ancient functionality, or feeling like your design is inauthentic, there are many reasons why you may need a new website and why now is the time to take action.

Consider the following

Accuracy Matters

As your organization evolves, your website must
follow suit.

  • Have you changed direction, added services, or
    narrowed your focus since your website was created?
  • Has your target audience evolved?
  • Are your team directory, imagery, and contact details
    up to date or out of touch?

If there are inaccuracies throughout your website, your
audience will notice. Don’t waste your first impression or
erode your credibility with inaccurate information.


Performance Takes Priority

Your website must also embrace the most effective technology, frameworks, and infrastructure to ensure it’s not only pretty, it’s performing.

  • Have you neglected to make updates over the last 3 or 4 years leaving your existing website out of date with the latest user experience, design and information delivery structure?
  • Is your website optimized for mobile browsing?
  • Does it perform well in search engines? Can your potential customers or service users find you online?

Half-measures help no one – not you and not the customers you’re looking to serve. Invest in your website’s performance today to establish your success in the future.

Authenticity is Everything

Your website needs not only be accurate, but it must also be compelling. It should honour both your organization’s stories, culture and differentiators, and deliver value to those who visit.

  • Does your website inform, engage, and show respect to your visitors?
  • Does it share your wisdom and knowledge in a meaningful way?
  • Does it look and feel authentically yours?

Take advantage of this critical opportunity to fully and truly be YOU. People buy from people, not companies, corporations, and conglomerates. Use every inch of your website to be authentic to your organization’s vision, mission, values, and stakeholders.

Think Big

Your website can help with more than sales and marketing.

  • Has your company grown to the point that you need an intranet for your internal operations or a customer portal?
  • Do you require an all-in-one eCommerce solution?
  • Are you able to collect the data and analytics you need to be sovereign and successful?

Utilize your website in a big way – in a way that delivers real clarity, real results, and real impact. Think big and win big. That’s the Akawe Way.

When it comes to your organization’s website, you can do better. Your community needs you. The world needs you. Re-designing your website is easier than you think – when you have the right partner.

The Right Representation 24/7

Done correctly, your website will serve as a member of your team. It can be a 24/7 representative that helps with sales, customer service, and thought leadership positioning.

  • Is your website “meh?” Are you proud of it or embarrassed by it?
  • Does your website nurture, convert, and collect leads?
  • Does your website provide opportunities for engagement and meaningful connections?

Don’t stop short. Embrace technology to extend your reach.

Make an Intelligent Investment

When it comes to investing in a new website, a series of options and decisions will determine the costs. These decisions will revolve around templates and customization, size (number of pages), design, functionality, and integrations. Because of this, it’s hard to simply state how much YOUR website will cost. Here’s an example of typical website budgets to get the conversation started:

Small Website

$6,000- $14,000
Up to 7 main sections

Fewer than 20 pages

No custom plug-ins or databases

Medium Website

Up to 7 main sections

Fewer than 30 pages

No custom plug-ins or databases

Minimal third party integration

Large Website

Up to 8 main sections

Fewer than 40 pages

No custom plug-ins or databases

Minimal third party integration

Other things that will impact pricing include:
  • SEO analysis & strategy
  • E-commerce
  • Automated forms – i.e. financial application form
  • Incremental content or pages
  • Social sharing functionality
  • Custom search
  • Custom imagery
  • Homepage slider or video background
  • Animation of any imagery within your website
  • Extensive browser / device customization
  • Mobile specific user designs
  • Calendar functionality / event management
  • Infographics
  • Branded email templates
  • Reporting
  • User login / back end admin

Enabling, Empowering Technology

Akawe has helped diverse organizations across North America, including those owned and led by women, Indigenous Peoples, and individuals from the LGBTQ community, bring their digital dreams to life. Take a look at our stand-out examples and results.

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How Does It Work?

Since time immemorial, Indigenous Peoples have worked together to create great things.

Maybe we’re innovative visionaries, maybe we’re nostalgic traditionalists – either way, we believe in the power of diverse partnerships to benefit all. Whether you’re B2B, B2C, B2G, a government agency, or not-for-profit, we can help. Whether you’re a tech startup, a community organization, or an established business, we can help.

We specialize in helping diverse groups and Indigenous-owned and led:

  • Small to
    medium size

  • Hospitals,
    Pharma, and

  • e-Commerce

  • Start ups

  • Agencies

Don’t see your industry on this list? We can still help. Our signature process has been designed to turn your goals, vision, and strategy into reality one pixel at a time.

Work with an Indigenous-led team, a community-first philosophy, and a proven process. With Akawe, it’s about more than the end result. It’s about a respectful, collaborative, and powerful partnership rooted in trust. For us, by us, about us.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start the journey.