Our Philosophy



To develop/maintain a values driven data platform and related software that can be used to enable/assist communities with social, cultural, environmental, health, and economic development problem solving.

Our Vision


We want to provide the means and capacity for
under-represented groups and communities to
harness the power of their data.


We want to act as agents of change and to promote
self-actualization for communities using data.


We want to help underrepresented groups that include
women, Indigenous Peoples, members of racialized
minorities, people with disabilities and LGBTQ2+
individuals. Regional considerations will be assessed.


We want to help underrepresented groups realize
the economic opportunity and potential of
harnesses their data using technology.


To us technology means application software and
hardware needed for blockchain.

Our Philosophy


The Seven Grandfather Teachings are a set of traditional teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation since time immemorial. The seven teachings have been given to the Anishinaabe peoples to guide them in living a good life, living without conflict, and living in peace.

Our understanding is that as we use these gifts our experience of living improves. Using these gifts in our lives is an ongoing challenge for each of us, requiring attention, discipline, and perseverance.

Manaaji’idiwin (Respect)

Chipiitenim g’wiijibimaadiziig gegwa dabasen’aake.

To go easy on one another and all of Creation. Place others before yourself in your life and do not look down on anyone.

Dabasendiziwin (Humility)

Dibaadenim g’wiijibimaadiz waa ezhi wiijsemad.

To think lower of oneself in relation to all that sustains us. Humble yourself to your fellow human in the way you walk with them.

Zoongide’ewin (Bravery)

Noongwa wii mshkowendamiing miinwaa wii mshkogaabwiiying manjiidig waa zhiwebadagwe.

To live with a solid, strong heart. Hold firm in your thoughts and stand strong even when you do not know what will happen right now.

Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom)

Nibwaakawin n’ga shkitoon wii gwektaagoziyaanh miinwaa wii minodaapanamaa goya e-kidod.

To live with vision. Wisdom allows one to eloquently and correctly interpret other ideas.

Debwewin (Truth)

Ke ganawaamdizan goya jibwa dibaakanad ezhi-bimosed.

To speak only to the extent we have lived or experienced. One must look inward before judging another’s way of walking.

Zaagi’idiwin (Love)

Niintam ga zaagidiz jibwa zaagaag goya bekaanzid.

Unconditional love between one another including Creation, humans and non-humans. One must love themself before they gain the ability to love anyone different.

Gwayakwaadiziwin (Honesty)

To live correctly and with virtue.


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