As a technology company, it’s no surprise Akawe embraces change. One very real change Akawe has made is we are a distributed company. What that means is our people can be wherever they want as long as they can connect.

The exciting thing is this change to a distributed company is we are building a better, leaner organization. When you free your business and your people from a geographic location, a number of good things happen for both us and for you, the client.

24/7 Capability

In a distributed business hours are flexible, and people can work from wherever they want to live. That means they’re happier, and work is being done all times of the day. Add in talent from around the world, and Akawe can ramp up at a moment’s notice with motivated, energized people who suit the needs of your project.

A World of Talent

Now, Akawe can recruit the best possible candidate — regardless of where they are. Do we need to work around the clock? Then we find people in the right time zone and add them on. There’s a huge pool of talent out there waiting to be utilized. And under-utilized people are ready to work for very reasonable fees.

Better Communication

How many times in the past did someone ask you at the office if you had finished a task and it was the first time you heard about it? That just doesn’t happen when you’re distributed. It sounds strange but it’s true. Workflow management becomes key. At Akawe, our proprietary management system keeps everyone on top of what is being done, when it has to be done, and where everyone fits in. That means your project is always documented and closely watched to make it happen according to plan.

Better Collaboration

Once you’ve got the lines of communication open, you’re going to find that the team members of a distributed business collaborate more often, with better results. That is driven by necessity. Clarity of communication leads to clarity of shared vision. Working at a distance means we all have to work together, better.


Reduced Costs

No rent and minimal fixed costs! Only pay people when you need them! The cost savings are considerable and Akawe passes them on to you in the form of better pricing.

Scale Fast

Breaking out of the fixed address mentality allows Akawe to quickly scale up. We bring people on when you need them, communicate clearly the terms and requirements — suddenly, there’s no talent shortage. And because we’re not locked into maintaining an expensive salary pool, your cost is only related to your project — not our overhead.

Greater Transparency

Better internal communication means better client communication. Knowledge is key in a distributed company. The more knowledge there is, the more there is to share with you. Akawe makes sure you stay in the loop — not only to gain from your experience and knowledge but also to keep you updated.

Learn New Efficiencies

We’re always looking at the next best way to collaborate online. Working with Akawe, you’re going to be introduced to the next best way to collaborate.

The benefits of working with a distributed company are there for both the company and its clients. The best possible talent to be found, lower overhead costs, quick to scale, and to market. This is the change worth embracing!