There is a new method of doing business today that is gaining ground quickly. It’s called Conscious Business. It means just what it says — being conscious at all times of how a business affects the people who work for it, the people who use its services, and its effect on the world. Conscious Business believes that by working from this new perspective, business is better for clients, employees, suppliers, everyone. Conscious Business works to create change for the better, by doing business better.

People often talk about bringing Emotional Intelligence into play in business. Conscious Business improves on that by challenging business to put Emotional Intelligence and Proper Intent together. In other words, it’s not enough to understand what makes people tick; you have to understand how to treat everyone with real respect. It’s really quite simple. The better we understand each other, the better we work together.

The challenge is real. But when business rises to a challenge, that is when we change the world. The time is now. Business has to make this change as the world is already moving in this direction. The Millennial generation particularly (and more than others before it) is extremely mindful of not only what they want, but also: where it comes from; what is the cultural and ecological cost as well as the monetary; and do they want their money to support the company behind it. There’s a strong business argument for practicing Conscious Business.

Clarity of Intention Means Clarity of Performance

Clarity demands authenticity. An authentic strategy promotes a core set of values that a business lives by, everyday. Each business has its own dynamic, hence its own path to authenticity. Why should you, the client, care? For a start,  a company that is authentic is caring — and that works both ways. We care what our company does and how it does it — and we care about you, and how we can best work with you. One formula we appreciate is TACTILE:

  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Caring
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Learning
  • Empowerment

Conscious Business strives to create balance for employees as well as clients. It partners with companies that practice Conscious Business as well to reinforce its impact. And it always maintains the perspective of bettering the world through ethical behavior and responsible business practices.

When the business makes an effort to work towards this goal, there is a ripple effect. People are attracted to do business with a company that strives to create good business. That effect is multiplied when clients and customers know they are valued by the business.  Business often talks about a virtuous cycle. This is the original virtuous cycle. When you treat people and the world well, the world will respond and treat you in kind.

The Social Media Game Changer

Social media has changed the entire business landscape. Everyone and anyone your business touches can let others know what they think of you, your product, your brand, your representatives, everything is fair game. Going viral can be good or bad. The wrong comment can be shared hundreds of times causing lasting damage. The right comment shared can make your business grow suddenly overnight. Practicing Conscious Business is like an insurance policy that makes sure people only say good things about you.

Conscious Business is about moving from the model of ignoring the needs of others in order to create profit, to a new vision that realizes business is linked to many different sets of people, who in turn, define that business to the rest of the world. The line is blurred now between product, business, and the world. The trend of judging a company by what it does is only going to continue. Doing Conscious Business makes sense for your company — and for your clients.